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Spanish Exercises (5-assignments package)

Type of lesson:

Individual – via e-mail (without reservation)


This is a five-assignments package. Students receive five documents with 5 exercises every time. The assignments level and topics vary according to the student’s needs.

Once the student finishes each assignment, it must be sent to the teacher for its correction and then a new one is sent to the student until he/she receives all five assignments that are part of the package.

This exercises package is intended to help students improve their grammar and / or vocabulary. This is not a lesson, it is just practice. If you want to invest on Spanish Email Lessons + Audio + Tutor just click here.

Levels range from A1 to C1 according to the CEFR (Common European Framework).

Included in each assignment:

5 exercises and correction.


Students work at their own pace and when they finish their assignments, they send them back for correction.

Please note: Every package has a validity of 60 days.


The prices are in US dollars. If you want to know the price in another currency, please contact us.

Price per package* → USD 24

* The number of Spanish-exercises packages you purchase expire 60 days after the date of your payment. It means you should make a new payment upon completing the 60 days since your last payment in order to receive new Spanish-exercises packages. The packages not used within 60 days are not cumulative.

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