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Low-cost Spanish Lessons

Do you want to understand Spanish speakers and communicate effectively with them? 

Or do you just want to learn a new language to exercise your brain and maintain a healthy mind?

Now you have this opportunity with our low-cost Spanish lessons.

Low-cost Every-day Spanish Lessons

5 Spanish Lessons

USD 90
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10 Spanish Lessons

USD 180
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EUR 16,00

If you want to pay in euros or another currency, please contact us.




Type of lesson:

Individual – via Skype or Zoom (booking the class is required)

Objective of Low-cost Spanish Lessons:

You will be able to communicate in and understand Spanish language since the very first lesson with the guidance of our certified and talented teachers.

The levels go from A1 to C1 according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

Included in each Low-cost Spanish Lesson:

Study material for the class, additional exercises and correction of the exercises.

Class Duration:

60 min.


You choose the frequency of your lessons. The number of lessons you purchase expires 3 months after the date of your payment.

Cancellation Policy:

Free of charge: 24 hours before the reserved class.

If a class is canceled in a shorter period, it will be deducted from your payment.