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General Spanish

This course consists of very interesting and enjoyable individual Spanish lessons.  Every class you have the opportunity to learn to communicate better in Spanish and understand more and more what you read or listen to in different situations of daily life.

DELE Preparation

If you want to prepare for a DELE exam and be sure you are going to succeed, we can help you achieve the appropriate level. One of our certified DELE preparation teachers will be dedicated to this purpose in each individual Spanish lesson.

Specific Spanish

In these individual Spanish lessons via Skype you can deepen your knowledge of Spanish in areas such as business, medicine, education, architecture, etc. These lessons give professionals a perfect opportunity to widen their horizons.

SIELE Preparation

SIELE is an online exam that certifies the command of the Spanish language proficiency for professionals and students. At VSS, we count with SIELE certified teachers who dedicate each lesson to teach you the strategies to succeed in the SIELE global or one of the independent modalities of this test.